DENGYU was found by one of the first Chinese theatre producers Ms. Tian Yuan in 2021. Driven by the integration of technology and art, DENGYU has positioned itself as an Interdisciplinary content production company.

By taking “long-term, operational, and reproducible" as the core concept of content development, Deng Yu offer a stepped and hierarchical product matrix from 2C to 2B and 2G for different groups of people to cover a full range of needs.

登予信守“登予出品、必属精品”的承诺 致力于以国际化的视野和前瞻性的眼光,引领中国文娱消费体验的新浪潮!

Now Cross-border integration of "technology + art" redefines live entertainment

3.0 Era Immersive and interactive theatrical productions were starting to be developed and produced, setting a new trend for the market

2011 The Chinese replica version of Mamma Mia was produced, becoming a milestone in the development of Chinese musicals

2.0 Era The leading brand in the Chinese musical theatre production industry

2000 MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival which attracted over 1000 art teams from 110 countries

1.0 Era China's first industrialized entertainment enterprise